Does my pet need to see the vet?

We’re glad you asked!

Below you can find answers to the most common questions about when your cat or dog should come in to see us.

General Care

All cats and dogs up to 8 years of age need a complete physical examination every year. At this time, the veterinarian will also discuss appropriate vaccinations, parasite prevention, and other preventative care that will keep your buddy going strong and feeling great.

Pets over 8 years of age need a complete physical exam every 6 months. Because cats and dogs age so much faster than people do, more frequent exams allow us to detect abnormalities early, and take action to prevent disease before it becomes serious.

If your pet is sick


If your pet is displaying any of these symptoms, seek care immediately.Call our office immediately (707-762-7387), or call Animal Care Center in Rohnert Park (707-584-4343) if it is after business hours. Do not wait to call, even if you are not totally sure about your pet’s symptoms.

  • Bleeding, hit by a car, or other trauma
  • Bloated appearing abdomen, especially if associated with vomiting or retching
  • Straining to urinate
  • Repeated vomiting or diarrhea, or any vomit or diarrhea that contains blood or is very dark in color
  • Ingestion or suspected ingestion of any toxin or chemical
  • Collapse, weakness, dizziness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Seizures
  • Trouble breathing
  • Severe cough
  • Limping to the point of not bearing weight on the leg

What if I don’t think it is an emergency ?

Again, if in doubt, always call for advice.

Listed below are common symptoms and general guidelines for when your pet needs to see a veterinarian.

  • Any change in your pet’s normal behavior lasting more than 1 day (hiding, acting lethargic, not wanting to play, acting painful, etc)
  • Loss of appetite lasting more than one meal
  • Unexpected increase in appetite
  • Vomiting more than 1 time    (Note- it is NOT normal for cats to vomit frequently from “hairballs”  or “eating too fast”.)
  • Abnormally hard or soft stools more than one time.
  • Increase in thirst, drinking more water than usual, urinating more than usual
  • Cats urinating outside of the litter box
  • Weight loss or weight gain that seems out of proportion to what your pet is eating.
  • Itchy skin, hair loss, rashes.   (Please come to us before you go to the pet store for remedies…you’ll be glad you did!)

About Us

We believe that a gentle, low stress environment goes hand in hand (and hand in paw) with great medical care.
Keeping your pet happy and comfortable during their visit with us is a priority.


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