Dental Care for Your Pet

Up to 80% of adult dogs and cats have dental disease. Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease will prolong your pet’s life significantly. People go to the dentist every six months for a reason. The same reasons apply to our pets.
Adobe Animal Hospital provides comprehensive dentistry and oral surgery for your pet.

Our dental procedures are different from what you may find at most other veterinary hospitals. Here is what sets us apart:img_5010

We use state of the art equipment and digital dental xrays are routinely performed. Just as in human dentistry, dental xrays are critical for providing proper dental care, since over half the tooth is hidden below the gumline.

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians are fully trained to the highest standards for dental cleaning techniques and radiography. All additional oral procedures and extractions are performed by the veterinarian to ensure the safest, best care for your pet.

Our dental patients receive the same high level of care as our surgical patients:

    • Intravenous catheter and fluids
    • Comprehensive preemptive pain management
    • Patient warming systems for greater comfort and safety
    • Advanced sterilization techniques (dental instruments individually sterilized)
    • Comprehensive patient monitoring during anesthesia. Every patient is monitored by a team member from induction of anesthesia until complete recovery.
    • Continuous observation throughout the day


Pain Management:

We have many strategies for controlling pain, which can include oral medication, injections, constant intravenous infusions, nerve blocks, and sustained-release pain patches.

We never underestimate the benefit of TLC. All of our hospitalized patients get extra soft bedding as opposed to cold, steel, cage floors. Nervous or anxious pets are comforted and all pets who want to be held or sit in a lap while they recover from anesthesia are happily obliged by our caring staff.

A note on anesthesia and dentistry : In recent years there has been an unfortunate trend at groomers and pet stores offering to “clean” your dog’s teeth while they are awake. Providing any dental care to pets without full general anesthesia is below the standard of care of the American Animal Hospital Association, the California Veterinary Medical Association, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and is considered indefensible by the American Veterinary Dental College. We truly believe that it could do your dog more harm than good. For more information, see the The American Veterinary Dental College opinion , or give us a call to discuss this issue.

About Us

We believe that a gentle, low stress environment goes hand in hand (and hand in paw) with great medical care.
Keeping your pet happy and comfortable during their visit with us is a priority.


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