Wellness Care and Vaccinations

We know that preventive care is the most effective and least expensive means of protecting a pet’s well being. That’s why pets need yearly nose-to-tail checkups (twice yearly for pets over 8 years old). Our pets age faster than we do, making regular checkups that much more important.

One of the best things you can do for your best friend is to keep their mouth healthy. Most all dogs and cats need regular dental care to have teeth that are free of pain and infection. We will always do a careful dental exam as part of our examination of your pet. See our Dental page for more information.

Physical Exams

Because our pets often hide symptoms of disease, a regular physical examination is a very important part of your pet’s health care. A complete physical exam lets us spot potential medical issues before they become serious, and issues identified early are less expensive to treat.

The exam is also an opportunity for you to ask any important questions you may have about your pet’s health, habits, and daily care. Working together we can help your pet live a long happy life.


Adobe Animal Hospital’s vaccination protocol follows American Animal Hospital Association guidelines and is carefully tailored to the lifestyle and particular health needs of your pet. We believe in a carefully balanced approach to prevent infectious diseases while minimizing the chance of an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

thiz2Kittens, Puppies, and Senior Pets

Our younger and older pets need special attention to help them thrive. At Adobe Animal Hospital our care is always tailored to fit your best friend’s unique needs.

About Us

We believe that a gentle, low stress environment goes hand in hand (and hand in paw) with great medical care.
Keeping your pet happy and comfortable during their visit with us is a priority.


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